The Lost Realms (paperback)
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Cover of the book "The Lost Realms"
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Author Zecharia Sitchin
Publisher Avon Books
Language    EN
Year 1990
ISBN 0-380-75890-3
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Pages 298
Binding paperback
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Genre /ufo/aliens/history/
About The fourth book of Earth Chronicles series.
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"The Lost Realms" is a book written by Zecharia Sitchin in a set ufo/aliens and history genre. This paperback edition published in 1990 by "Avon Books" in a "Earth Chronicles" series.


The Lost Realms, the fourth book, transports readers to the pre-Columbian civilizations and ancient empires of the Americas, revealing hitherto unrecognized golden links between ancient Near Eastern civilizations and the “cities of the gods” of the Olmecs, Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas.

The Earth Chronicles series is based on the premise that mythology is the depository of ancient recollections, that the Bible should be read literally as a historic-scientific document, and that ancient civilizations were the product of knowledge brought to Earth by the Anunnaki - “Those who from Heaven to Earth came.”

In the relatively short interval between the completion of the manuscript and its publication The Lost Realms, archaeologists, linguists, and other scientists have offered a "coastal theory" in lieu of the "frozen trekking" one to account for man's arrival in the Americas - in ships, as this volume has concluded. These experts have "suddenly discovered 2,000 years of missing civilization" in the words of a Yale University scholar - confirming this book's conclusion - and are now linking the beginnings of such civilizations to those of the Old World, as Sumerian texts and biblical verses.

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