The I Inside
The I Inside 001
Cover of the book "The I Inside"
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Author Alan Dean Foster
Publisher Futura Publications
Language    EN
Year 1985
ISBN 0-7088-8115-7
Product details
Pages 314
Binding paperback
Weight 0
Price 0 USD
Genre /fiction/scifi/
About Science fiction
Additional Translated
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"The I Inside" is a book written by Alan Dean Foster in a set sci-fi fiction genre. This paperback edition published in 1985 by "Futura Publications" without series.


Science fiction. For over 100 years, the machine called Colligatarch had ruled the Earth. Its predictions of the future have proved so accurate that humans accepted its recommendations as the best course of action until a young engineer in Phoenix begins to travel without authorization, enter secret places, assume aliases, and display super-human feats of strength. Is it because he has fallen in love? Or has he instead fallen into an interplanetary plot?

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