Jan Van Helsing is a pen name of Jan Udo Holey (born March 22, 1967 in Dinkelsbühl).

He is a controversial German author who embraces conspiracy theories involving subjects such as world domination plots by freemasons, Hitler's continuing survival in Antarctica following World War II, the structure of the earth as hollow, and others. His theories draw from sources such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.[1]

His books Geheimgesellschaften (Secret Societies) and Geheimgesellschaften 2 have been banned in Germany, France and Switzerland for inciting some hatred.

The majority of his books, such as Die Kinder des neuen Jahrtausends. Mediale Kinder verändern die Welt (Children of the New Millennium, and how They Change the World) are non-political and deal exclusively with esoteric subjects.

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